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Da Buddha Herbal Vaporizer

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Da Buddha Vaporizer DBV

3 year warranty on Da Buddha Vaporizers   discreet shipping box zephyr ion vaporizer

Purchase your Da Buddha Vaporizer today and get your bonuses:

  • Free Shipping (Worth over $23.99)
  • 3 Year Warranty

Da Buddha Vaporizer Includes:

  • Da Buddha Silver Vaporizer Unit (120V American)
  • Da Buddha Vaporizer Plush Hemp Carry Bag
  • Da Buddha Glass Wand
  • Da Buddha Glass Mouthpiece
  • Medical Grade Clear Tubing
  • Glass Marble Stir Tool
  • Da Buddha Instruction Manual



Da Buddha Vaporizer, the little brother to the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is a great affordable whip style vaporizer that offers easy temperature adjustment for light to dense vapors. Similar to it’s big brother, Da Buddha vaporizer offers a heavy duty cylindrical aluminum body that easily handles the abuses of everyday use. The silver Da Buddha Vaporizer is hard anodized after sandblasting while the black Da Buddha vaporizer goes through a powder coating process for extra scratch and dent resistance.

The heater unit for Da Buddha vaporizer is full ceramic for safe and effective heating of all your herbs while the ground glass heater cover makes a great connection with the whip for easy hands free operation. For those who are new to vaporizers, ‘hands free’ operation means that the wand (the glass) that holds your herbs connects directly to the vaporizer until you pull it out. This allows you to leave the wand connected to the vaporizer while you inhale through the mouthpiece. likes Da Buddha Vaporizer because:

  • Affordable whip style vaporizing
  • Heavy duty construction = years of dependable use
  • Ceramic heating element = clean heated air
  • Ground glass connection allows for hands free use

3 Year Warranty
All 7th Floor products such as Da Buddha Vaporizer and Silver Surfer vaporizer all come with an industry leading 3 year warranty. If you every have a problem with your 7th Floor product, all you have to do is to shoot them out an email or give them a call!

Using Da Buddha Vaporizer for the first time

  1. Although using Da Buddha Vaporizer is extremely simple, there are a few tips that will make things go even smoother the first few times you vaporize.
  2. Turn on the unit by plugging it in and turning the temperature knob to max for about 10 minutes to clean your heating element from dust and manufacturing oils. (This is only required the first time you use the vaporizer) 
  3. Once the initial burn in is complete, turn the temperature knob to around 2 o’clock and let the vaporizer sit for another 2 minutes to get the temperature down to a good vaporizing temperature.
  4. While you’re waiting for the temperature to drop down, finely grind your herbs to get maximum surface area for the heated air to pass through. 
  5. Put your whip together by connecting the food grade tubing to the wand and mouthpiece. (If you’re having problems fitting the tubing into the wand, try dipping it into water. It makes the tubing fit into the wand much easier.)
  6. Then place your finely ground herbs into the wand. Make sure you don’t over fill because if you overfill your wand, you will risk having your herbs fall into the heating unit during use.
  7. Now you’re ready to vaporize. Carefully place your wand into the vaporizer and give it a slight ‘twist’ when the glass pieces connect to create a solid connection between the vaporizer and the wand.
  8. Take your mouthpiece, and inhale. Take extra care not to blow back into the mouthpiece! This will eject your herbs into the heating chamber which will result in burnt herbs and a mess.
  9. Learning the correct inhale speeds. Take time to understand how the correlation between how fast you inhale and how hot the heated air will be. The slower you inhale, the hotter the air will be. If you have your temperature set high and inhale slow, you run a risk of burning your herbs, so always keep improving your inhale speeds while you’re learning.
  10. For international customers, you will need a step down transformer from your voltage to 120v.



Must be at least 18 years of age to make any purchase on will not accept responsibility for the misuse of products displayed within this site. All vaporizers on are intended for the use of aromatherapy use including tobacco and other legal herbs only. All vaporizers on are not a medical device.

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Warranty Information

Da Buddha Vaporizer comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty from 7th Floor, LLC.

Contact Information:

7th Floor LLC
c/o DBV
6331 E Platte Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Our phone: 1-719-570-9928
Toll Free: 1-866-835-6418
Our Fax: 1-719-219-9729

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  1. Good Stuff 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th May 2011

    This vape really does it. Its much better than a Vapir I own. Pulls are much better and more efficient.

    Pros: Solid construction, easy to use, easy to maintain. Easy to clean.

    Cons: Glass is fragile, glass spare parts are expensive.

  2. My New Best Friend!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Jan 2011

    Hey for the record im not sumone who will post reviews about everything i get but this item deserves all the props. I consider myself a Conoiuser. Iv used manny cheap vaporizers and i think that is the reason they turned me off at first. I have been looking into buying a vaporizer for the past 2 years and was always hesitant to buy a vaporizer that wouldnt work. or would just plain suck. and tayste bad and didnt want to spen 200 on something im never going to use. finnaly after all the research i found the buddha had allot of hype about how good it is compared to the valcaone but still in a decent price range (170-200$) I found manny of the main vaporizer sites had this item out of stock. I didnt want to order my vaporizer from a differnt country. or from people on e-bay where you cant always use credit cards. I found Vaporizer and started reading reviews to find out if they were reliable. And they were verry reliable and easy to get ahold if you had ANY questions. I finnaly placed my order and asked them to let me know when it ships out. i placed the order on the 30th online around 1-3pm and got an answer back from them within 3 hours telling me the package was sent out and everything was fine and that it should arrive in 3-5 bussness days. It came in 2 bussness days but wasnt till the 3rd due to holiday and sunday. So fast shipping is a must when i order expensive items and it was sent priority usps which is even better. So iv had the vaporizer for less then 24 hours and alredy am getting it down. i like it beacuse you can turn the heat on 2oclock and get nice smooth hits or if you really want to you can burn huge hits easily bigger then using a water pipe. im going to get the h2o adapter beacuse if i really got sick of vaporizing i could turn heat to 5oclock and get huge hits. this thing is durable and has a 3 year warnety wich noone offers at this price. This is most deff going to be my main pipe and i have many of glass peices bubblers and water pipes. This thing is easy to use. i dont know why anyone would want a digital vaporizer. if you can remember a 3 digit temp then you can remember where the hand is on the clock and maybe even where to switch it higher to get the most out of your herb. Another thing you must know is you do have to learn how to inhale with this thing its not just like regular peices as you inhale it heats the herb. Thats why people have differnt favorite tempitures beacuse you can get a good hit on low if inhale slowly or if u turn it up you can inhale quicker. but if u turn it to high you will burn your weed and like i said thats not always a bad thing. but i could easily keep it from ever burning and iv only had it less then 24 hours. This thing is easy to use. i have so manny good things to say about this vaporizer how good the tayste is comper to other voprizers iv used. say like about all the stuff the vaporizer comes with. Iv used vaporizers that seem like your always packing and stiriing up over half the session. with this whip style you just suck up ur herb using the wand end and sucking threw the other you can pack it quick. then you just stick the blunt end of the pick they give you it fits perfect to push your herb down suck up a little bit of herb into the the wand. this is easy and quikcer then trying to pack alittle bit. then you stick the wand in the vape wait 5 seconds and ur redy to go. i can tell once you get it down you will be able to pack it faster then anything els. then once the herb is done there will be the left over plant material. you just get an ash try and blow threw the other end end it comes out and ur redy to repeat. Another cool thing is the bag it comes/fits in is awsome! and top quality made. just like the vape and the free gifts it comes with like a grinder/butane lighter are decent qualty. Also you can track your vaproizer since there using priorty mail. not that you should need to since ships your order out that day. And even can be contacted threw Instant messenger thats on there page. pretty much this is a profeshional site thats from the united states so when you buy this item you know your money is staying in the united states as i dont think United states citizens should buy anything made from china and if possible to buy american made products. Save yourself the trouble from geting cheaper vaporizers. they might work decent but there not made as durable and they dont come with a 3 year warrenty. Da Buddha Vaporizer and the silver sufer are the way to go! and vapor kits is the place to order them for fast free shipping! and thats where id tell my friend to go!

  3. best vaporizer under $210 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Sep 2010

    i just got da buddha and learning how to use it well. It's really well made and will handle years and years of abuse. make sure you don't cough or blow into the mouthpiece because all your herbs will dirty the heater !!

  4. Satisfied customer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Apr 2010

    Great deal on this vape. I purchased this thing a few months back from this website and I've been using it every single day without any problems.
    This thing is well made and probably the best deal out there.

  5. Good Deal Good Vape 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Dec 2009

    This Vape is a great deal. The vape housing is solid and love the hemp bag.
    Not to mention VaporizerKits adds some gifts and free shipping.
    Get at it!

  6. The only vaporizer I need 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Dec 2009

    This vaporizer is really well made, its the only vaporizer I need. Just turn the knob, warm it up and its ready to go.

  7. best bang for the buck 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Oct 2009

    I just got this vape yesterday, and I have to say that it's been the best investment I made. The set up is easy and the vape is rock solid. It heats up fast and ready to jam.
    Shipping was also fast.
    Thanks guys

  8. this aint no joke! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th May 2009

    this da buddha aint no joke! super soild, and reliable! I love it.

  9. vk is the best 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th May 2009

    i haven't heard of vaporizerkits till i ordered the buddha from you guys, but tim helped me out a great deal with questions i had about it. You made a lifetime customer out of me! thanks

  10. Nice 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Apr 2009

    Great Vape, absolutely love it. Heavy duty, high quality. Easy to use. Satisfied. Much better than other vapes I have.

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