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What’s the difference between a Non-Ground Glass and Ground Glass connection?

Ground Glass Non-Ground Glass Vaporizer Whip DifferenceThe difference between the two types of connection comes down to if you need to hold the wand while you inhale, or if you can let go of the wand while you inhale. The Ground Glass connection is also called ‘hands free’ because of the fact that you can keep your wand connected to the vaporizer without having to hold it.

Benefits of each type of connection:

Non-Ground Glass
Easy to rotate your wand while you inhale, making for a more efficient system.
Your herbal blend isn’t consistently exposed to heat
You can pull in and out as you inhale, which makes it easier for you to control the air/vapor ratio.

Ground Glass:
Because your wand is connected to the vaporizer, you only have to hold the mouthpiece as you inhale.
Having a direct connection to the vaporizer, this makes it possible for you to attach your tubing to a water tool with an 14mm H2O adapter or the 19mm H2O adapter.
Less chance of spilling your herbs because the wand is attached to the vaporizer heating element.

Things to keep in mind:

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer can be upgraded with a Spherical Wand and Heater Cover Conversion kit which is a non-ground glass connection, but makes it even easier to rotate the wand while inhaling.

The Non-Ground Glass connection on the Silver Surfer Vaporizer can be fitted with a ‘SSV Hands free adapter’ which will easily make  your non-ground glass connection into a ground glass type connection, which means you can get the best of both worlds.

Da Buddha Herbal Vaporizer is only available in the Ground Glass connection style.

Tip for Silver Surfer Vaporizer Owners:

You can easily change the type of connection you have by purchasing one of the conversion kits.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Non-Ground Glass, Ground Glass Connection Images


Silver Surfer Hands Free Attachment

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Hands Free Adapter


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