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Vaporizer Health Benefits

What is a vaporizer?
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An herb vaporizer is a device used to sublimate the active ingredients of plant material, or any other therapeutic herbal blends. Vaporization, rather than burning the herbal blend, which produces irritating, toxic, and carcinogenic by-products, the vaporizer heats the material in a controlled manner so that the active compounds contained in the plant vaporizes. The vapor contains virtually zero particulate matter, and significantly lower concentrations of noxious gases such as carbon monoxide. See the wide variety of vaporizers offered by and take the safer alternative.

What are the main Benefits of vaporizing?

The main benefits of Vaporizing include:

  • A healthier lung -  No burning involved and lowers concentrations of toxic chemicals
  • A cooler lung - Since vaporizing is cooler than burning methods, your lungs are less susceptible to damage
  • More bang for your buck - Vaporizers are very efficient, and inhale only the amount you need instead of wasting your herbal blend by burning
  • The CA-NORML vaporizer study was conducted and concluded that vaporizers offer the best way to extract and inhale the essence of herbal blends. 
  • This is something even waterpipes cannot provide: "Contrary to popular impression, waterpipes don't necessarily protect smokers from harmful tars in  smoke, according to a new study sponsored by MAPS and California NORML "

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